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Kruger Station
Kruger Station

Kruger Station

Lifestyle Precinct

Kruger Station stands as a vibrant hub within Skukuza Rest Camp, strategically located along the historic Selati line within the renowned Kruger National Park. It occupies the very spot where a makeshift boma once welcomed early park visitors with lavish feasts, a testament to its deep-rooted connection to South African history. At Kruger Station, visitors are transported back in time, immersed in the enchanting aura of the station’s past.

Offering a diverse array of amenities, Kruger Station caters to every need and desire. From the family-friendly ambiance of the 3638 Restaurant to the fully-serviced Round in 9 Bar, visitors can indulge in culinary delights and refreshing beverages. The experience extends to the Kruger 360° Cinema, where guests can embark on immersive cinematic journeys. For those seeking quick bites or sweet treats, the Departing Soon Café and En Route Grab ‘n Go offer convenient options. Families can relax at Li’l Gricers, a safe haven for children, while exploring the Curiosity Cabinet for unique souvenirs and gifts.


In essence, Kruger Station pulsates as the communal heartbeat of the park, an indispensable stop for anyone embarking on the Kruger National Park travel experience.