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Cape Point Flying Dutchman Funicular

Cape Point

One point. A million points of view.

Nestled within the breathtaking landscape of the Table Mountain National Park, Cape Point boasts rugged rocks and sheer cliffs that soar over 200 meters above the vast expanse of the sea. This dramatic backdrop sets the stage for a rich tapestry of biodiversity, with the natural vegetation of fynbos, comprising the smallest yet most diverse of the world’s floral kingdoms.

Embark on an exhilarating journey aboard the Flying Dutchman funicular, ascending to the steps of the new lighthouse and lookout points above. From this elevated vantage point, immerse yourself in unobstructed vistas while exploring the historic lighthouse perched on rocky ledges below. As the invigorating sea breeze whets your appetite, indulge in a delectable meal paired with unparalleled views at the Two Oceans Restaurant, or opt for a more casual dining experience at The Food Shop, where you can curate the perfect picnic and seek out idyllic spots within the park to savor your culinary delights.


Capture the essence of your visit by perusing our retail and curio shops, including The Cape Point Logo Store, Cape Point Parks Shop, and LH5. Here, you’ll discover an array of mementos and souvenirs, ensuring that your memories of Cape Point endure long after your departure. Whether you’re seeking an adventure, a gastronomic delight, or a keepsake to cherish, Cape Point offers an unforgettable experience that celebrates the splendor of nature and the spirit of exploration.